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Business Video Creation

Business Video Creation is our specialty. We make spokesperson videos, or animated ex-plainer videos because they work. These simple videos help you get more customers and engage with them online. A spokesperson business video can connect and engage with website visitors, social media pages viewers, and many more people in a very powerful way. 

At 360 Mobile Video, we create video content that helps you engage with and attract new customers. We create amazing videos, graphics, and content. Then we run targeted ads on social media to help companies find more clients.

The center of this effective communication and marketing are the business videos we create for our customers. We help you select the best actor or actress to be your own spokesperson. We can have them studio record a custom scripted video for your business.

Or if you want a faster and less expensive option we even have many successful videos created for businesses that can be customized with your business name and message.

The other videos we create for our business clients are ex-plainer videos and these are often animated.

Ex-plainer videos often get even more engagement on social media and can be some of the most effective business videos created. When we run advertising in a target market to get the business videos seen, often we see amazing results from ex-plainer videos. These videos engage with your viewer in a very positive way. They grab the attention of your potential customers on social media particularly. You can track the click-through rates and often these videos get 2-3Xs the results of others videos.

Often we suggest that new customers create an ex-plainer video to get traffic to their targeted page. Next, with a spokesperson video, they can capture their ideal customer’s attention again and convey their key message.

The secret to your companies success these days is often determined by your ability to engage with your existing customers and find new customers online. Now to get anything done people do not go to a phone book to look for a service provider. They use their computer and more often their smartphone to find what they are looking for on the internet. As a business owner you want to be front of their mind for what you are offering or selling. You also want to be very easy to find, and ranked high in the search engine results when they look.

We have experience creating powerful video content that gets you results.


The results for your business are new customers and more social proof that your company provides the solution that others are looking for. Contact us today! Pick up the phone and give us a call. If we do not answer right away leave a detailed message and we will get back to you about your project.

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