The most powerful way to motivate yourself


Years ago I discovered a powerful motivational method that I still use to this day. This same method has allowed me to accomplish a great deal in life. If you want to know how to motivate yourself this is ideal for you.

I first read about a simpler version of this method in the 1980s. Then wealth and success author Charles Givens shared a version of it in his book “Superself”. Over the years since I have refined this process and even written a book on the topic. I called the book “Light Your Fire Now” because when you feel motivated it is like a fire that is burning inside you.

That same fire is the one that drives entrepreneurs, athletes, and many people to success. I want to take a moment of your time now and share this with you because I know it will change your life. When we feel motivated and encouraged we know we are on the best path in life. Here is all you need to motivate yourself right now.

All you need to motivate yourself is a 3 subject notebook and a pen.

Each section of this new motivational notebook will have its own purpose and build value for you. 

In the first section of the notebook, you should sit down and write down your biggest dreams. These are the things that at this moment you may feel are impossible. For each of us, those dreams are different in some way.


Here is an example of a dreams list:

  • I want to own a home on my favorite beach.


  • I want to drive my dream car a convertible Ford Mustang. I would like it to be red and for the inside to have football leather interior.


  • I would like to marry my high school sweetheart.


  • I want to own a business that employees others and makes me a great income, in a fun way.


In order to properly motivate yourself, you need to have focus. By being as specific about your dreams as possible you will turn on your imagination. Now take some time and write down your own dreams list. The more detailed and seemingly impossible the better. The reason that you want your dreams to seem near impossible is that you want them to later become a powerful motivational driver.


Once you have at least 7 powerful dreams written down to motivate yourself with, you can move on to the next section of your notebook. This is where you write down long term goals that will propel you towards your dreams. These powerful long term goals should lead you in steps towards your dream.


As an example, if the above list were my goals I may want to start with a long term goal of finding the right kind of business. That same business that I want to own on my dreams list. 


So you take a look at the criteria of your dream business. Break it down into as much detail as possible. Then write out your full criteria for that business in your long term goals.


Long Term Goal Example:


  • I want to be an insurance agent that owns his own office and has a staff to run the day to day functions once I build it.


  • I should be successful enough to have a staff of at least 6 people who love their jobs, and like helping customers.


  • I will create a positive work environment that I never had working for my boss.


(You may use a full page to describe your long term goal for your ideal business)


The more detailed again the better. Remember when you are specific you are creating your inner desire and fuel. Also being specific about your long term goals, and dreams make you think deeply about them. Whatever we focus on in life in a positive way motivates us to do more of it. Also vivid mental images like those we create when we think about motivational details of our dreams and goals, push us towards success.


In the final section of your notebook, your mission is to write down short term achievable goals. Those goals push you towards your long term goals. To get the most powerful motivational results, you want these to be short term achievable goals. After you complete each task for your short term goal give yourself credit for your success. This step will further motivate you, and inspire you to take further positive action.

We call this process positive reinforcement. When combined with the movement towards your long term goals, which lead you on the path to your dreams, they become a very powerful force for motivation.


These short term achievable goals should:


  • Start out simple.


  • Be something at first that you can complete in 1 hour or less.


  • Over time you can make then a day-long goal.


Working on the example from earlier. I may want to research insurance companies that have local agents with their own offices. I also would find out about what it takes to start work at these companies. This will motivate me as an individual to move to the next goal.


Then my next short term achievable goal might be to call local insurance agents and ask to meet one for research. This conversation alone with a kind local agent should be a huge motivational factor to move you towards your goal.

Take note: One of the most wonderful things you can do for another person is to ask them for their advice. It is a great compliment, and you will be amazed at how many people will rise to the opportunity to help someone else.

For this, you just look up some local agents and smile and call a few for a meeting. Let them know upfront that you are interested in insurance and wonder if they have a few moments to speak with you about the insurance business.


Once you have an agreement for the meeting you move on the next goal on your short term achievable goals list.


The reason this process works like magic to motivate you, and cause you to take massive action in life is this. Each part of the process moves you closer to realizing your dreams. Also, each part of the process builds on the power of your deepest desires. As you move forward and take action with each step of your notebook writing effort, you also take actions that motivate you and build your inner fire.


Your desires for your dreams become the fuel for a new kind of furnace of success. A system so powerful that it cannot be overestimated. With each step, you motivate yourself to spring into action. You also reward yourself mentally for each short term goal success step you make.


I quote I am fond of is from Henry David Thoreau.


“Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be

looking for it.”

— Henry David Thoreau


This very same motivational process creates the same kind of success motivator within you.


Another quote you will find meaningful is this.


“I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.”

— Thomas Jefferson


Do you see what these great minds have in common?


They are all talking about being so driven by their march towards their goals, and dreams, that they are too busy to stop and measure their success.


If you follow this process and start writing down your own dreams, long term goals and short term achievable goals today you to will be motivated.


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