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Facebook Ads

Why Facebook Advertising?

At this time social media marketing offers the most cost-effective way to reach your customers.

Never before has it been more cost effective to reach your ideal customers. You can share with them your message with a highly targeted ad where they like to spend their time. As the Worlds largest Social Media platform Facebook offers a great deal of targeting your ads.

Unlike most other forms of advertising currently available, you can target the location, sex, and even the likes or interests the viewers who will be shown your ad. So if you want to target women from 30-45 who live in one of 7 local zip codes, and follow the newest purse trends or clothing trends you can do just that. As a business owner, you can also target men in local zip codes who are interested in cars or even a certain type of car.

This is amazing because unlike other options you can target your advertising to a well-defined market. In the past, as a local business owner, you might have sent our costly full-color postcards to an entire zip code.  If this was a run of say 10,000postcardss you not only have the cost of printing all of those cards, you also have the expense of direct mail. Even with all the expense involved your results would be far less effective than targeting your ideal customers in those same zip codes.

In fact, you could reach your ideal customers many times with your message for less than the cost of mailing out one round of postcards to just one zip code.

Facebook Ads Work

Facebook ads work very well because of this ability to target your ideal customer. The results that you get are also more cost-effective and create real connections with your potential customers.

If you want to learn more about Facebook ads you can find out more about the Facebook Ad Types in this free article.

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