Keyword Placements 


Where you place your keywords matters.

More than just placing your keywords in your heading, and randomly in your content. Proper keyword placement helps people find your article. Search engines like Google are always looking for content that can help their users answer questions and concerns.

When writing a web site it is best to get as many of the keywords that you want to rank on in your page. Having keywords on your web site will increase your keyword density. The term Keyword Density is used to describe the percentage of how many times a keyword appears on a page in relation to the rest of the page. Keyword Placements are an important part in ranking in the Search Engines on particular keywords. It is best to make best use of HTML tags for Search Engine rankings. Of course the Title and the Meta Tags help rankings of keywords but so does the positioning of text (keyword placements) all throughout a web page.

Domain, Folder & File Names – The domain name is the most important place to have keyword placements and a good keyword density. For example, if you want to rank on “domain names” then (or .net, .org etc) would be the best you could get as it would be 100% keyword density. File names of images and html/php/asp files should good for keyword placements. I should note however that you should folders deep.

Try keeping all files in instead of As you go down through folders the search engines are most likely to think that they are less valuable pages that the ones in the root folder of the domain.

In terms of domain names, where possible always go for the .com extension rather that a .net or .org for example (if possible take all three!). People always assume that a website will end in a .com and even if this has been noted it may be detrimental to your busines website. I heard a story once where someone did some advertising on the back of buses listing a web site and even though the text was large and you could clearly see that the website ended in a .org they found that the .com website (which was not there website) had a major increase in visitors because of their advertising and not much of these potential visitors got to see the website that was really being advertised.

The best possible outcome in terms of domain names is to purchase the .com .net and .org (use the .com and set diversions to the main web site on the other two). Next best to this is to purchase the .com only and lastly the .net or .org.

Title – The title is the most important keyword placement area to include the main keywords you want to rank on and describe your web site. It’s best to keep Titles between 3-7 words and keep them as relevant as possible.

Meta Tags – Apart from the title, it is important to get keywords placed in the description tag as not only is this seen in the web searches but this also helps with search engine rankings for specific keywords that you place in the description tag. Next to description, you should also insert the main keywords into the keywords Meta Tag. Not too many keywords should be put in the keyword Meta Tag and keywords should only be put into the keyword Meta tag if they’re found on the web page itself.

Headings (H1 and H2) – Headings are the next most important keyword placement are to include keywords. Headings should obviously not be too long but should include valuable keywords to increase your web site keyword density. These tags will be more valuable than the keywords being in the plain text content.

Text Content – It is best to have keywords at the start of the body text content and also all the way through the content. Do not be excessive on how much you use keywords on a web page. It is recommended not to exceed a keyword density of 10%.

Alt Tags – Alt tags (alternate text) should be used on all images. This is the best way of describing what a picture is. Images shouldn’t be used excessively but when they’re used they will be recognized better by the Search Engines if they include alt tags. Alt tags should also be used to be a keyword placement area.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the art of getting your content and your business seen by others. This creates organic or free traffic (visits) from potential customers that well-designed websites can convert into sales and real-world business growth.

Content Optimization

When someone searches for something online they use keywords. Literally, these are what people type into their phones, or computers to find what they are interested in. Content marketing is the process of creating engaging content that is keyword rich and relevant to the same searches your potential customers are doing right not online.

On Page Optimization

On page, optimization is one part of the overall SEO process.  It just means that designers make certain when search engines like Google view your webpage they see the information on your page clearly, and how it can help or interest your ideal customer.

SEO Consulting

As SEO professionals we work with business owners to assure that all of their online content (especially websites) are the best they can be for search engine optimization which creates free organic web traffic to get you more paying customers.

Data Analysis

Our unique combination of in-house tools helps us prepare detailed reports for our clients on the changes they can make to improve their SEO and increase their web traffic for more customers immediately.

SEO Strategy

Our SEO strategy is focused on your business success. Each business is unique but the goals and desired results are often the same. All businesses want more paying customers, and with our SEO strategy we help you reach them. 

We first audit any existing online presence for our customers. This includes a full website audit, social media signal, page audits, and more.

Then we make recommendations for immediate and long-term improvements with a short term and long term SEO plan of action. 

Our Strong Points

We have the skills and experience many other providers lack. Our company owner has been online with active websites since the start of the modern Internet. He has seen the changes over time and worked to always stay on the cutting edge of technology. This not only allows us to get you great results but we can keep ahead of changes and trends online better than our competitors.

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We Know What Works, And What Doesn’t.

Thanks to our years of experience we know what works and was does not. Over the years we have created hundreds of websites and millions of pages views. Each of these visitors has represented potential new business for our clients and even our own websites.

Right now you are reading this page and learning about our SEO services. Once created this could be your potential clients reading your message, and increasing your business success.

Never before in human history has it been easier to set up automated forms of business engagement with potential customers. They key is doing it right.

We have the knowledge and technical skills to make this work for your company, today, right now.

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