Local SEO is still working great!

You just have to do it differently than in 2017-18.

Local SEO can get you

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Content marketing is now entering into a mature stage. Business has accepted the importance of using the Internet for creating marketing and sales opportunities, and innovations are occurring in market strategies all the time. The local community still remains a primary source of profit and some trends are showing the way to best capitalize on this market. 

Also, competition is tough for many keywords now, but you can get great results with long tail versions of the keywords locally. This is true now but will not last. It is critical you act today.

The trend towards the use of mobile applications is nothing short of amazing. Nearly half of all shoppers will use their smartphone to check the local market sales. The concept of SoLoMo (Social, Local, Mobile) has been discussed in marketing for quite some time, and now Pinterest is offering Place Pins to allow content to be published and then put on a map. This is going to have an effect on search engines, and the maps will probably be years increasingly more than links (Yandex, by the way, is no longer using links in search results). Pinterest maps will play an increasingly more important role in searches.

It is mobile applications and smartphones that are going to be guiding a lot of marketing activity in 2019, including local business efforts. The idea of having maps in searches can be very helpful to any neighborhood business. Rather having a person go through a lot of explanation on the websites, the maps can play a person directly to the store. SoLoMo is no longer a topic of conversation at conventions and conferences. It is starting to be used more often as efforts are made to expand and optimize markets.

Social media and search engines find the intoxicating idea of attracting global customers. Small business has to be careful about this overenthusiasm. The Internet has leveled the playing field a bit but there is a note of caution about customers thousands of miles away. A quick look at any website analytics will tell a small business that most customers live close by and local is profitable. It makes sense to concentrate on local business SEO than to try to penetrate a market in China.

It also means that marketing is much more focused on social media channels. SEO that is Geo-targeted doesn’t have nearly the level of competition a global strategy would encounter. Additionally, local business has the advantage of customers being able to easily visit the store. A search engine may have pop up maps that direct a person to the establishment. Rather than typing in questions about products, an individual can easily go a few blocks and ask direct questions of a human being. That consumer is also in a position to perhaps make a purchase right then and there.

Global strategies are not bad if the business is ready for them. Until it is time to take on international competition, it may be a good idea to simply focus on the local area. Once the financial and customer base has been created, then a local company can explore outside the community. Until then, it is better to focus SEO strategy on the person who happens to be living just a mile or so away.

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Answers to Your Questions

What is an SEO expert?

An SEO expert is someone who studies and understands the changes to how search engines work. They also must master the website methods to communicate effectively with search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and many others by making changes to your on page, and off page optimization efforts.

Why is it important that your copywriter also understands SEO?

Many people can write amazing articles. However crafting the article or other content in a way that will not only speak to the consumer of that content but also to search engines at the same time, is a lifelong developed skill.

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As a professional writer and copywriter, we specialize in the needs of our customers. We are experts at researching topics and addressing the readers need and concern. We could write an amazing article on almost any topic imaginable, and have.

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