SEO for local business 2018


What is the current state of search engine optimization in 2018?

More importantly, how can you use it to boost your website rankings, and in turn your business.
It seems like it gets harder for people to rank well online daily. With more competition it can be harder to rank your business website, blog, or other content online.
Wait before you give up on all things SEO related, I have some great news. You can still get amazing traffic results through SEO. Search Engine Optimization in 2018 requires many of the same things as yesterday. You just have to know what still works and what is on its way out in the SEO process.
SEO is all about getting organic or free traffic from the major search engines. The easiest way to do that is to research long tail keywords that people are already searching for.
A keyword (if you are not aware) is the item(s) someone types into a search engine like Google, Bing, or Yahoo to find what they are searching for online.
A long tail keyword is a phrase or series of keywords that includes several words often at least 4 words or more.
There are tons of keyword research tools online these days. One that is new offers an interesting visual representation of the results when you do even basic keyword research.
The website is On this website, you can do a keyword search and it will show you long tail keywords people are actually typing into major search engines.
This helps you work towards getting your website content ranked well in these same search engines.
What is website ranking?
Ranking refers to where your website shows up in the search results. Every business owner is hoping to have their website show up on the first page of search results. First page results mean that you are likely to receive a click or visit from one of the people who have searched for that long tail keyword phrase.
This means that your site will then receive organic or free traffic from the search engines. This means more traffic, more sales, and more profit.
How to do it.
Let’s go simple step by step.
  1. Do your long tail keyword research.
  2. Create original content that is helpful and informative about that keyword phrase.
  3. Post the content to your blog, social media, and high authority sites across the internet.
  4. Do the on-page SEO for your new content and make sure that it is indexed by the major search engines.
  5. This includes adding graphics related to the topic and adding other viral tactics for your post.
This is almost the same process as 2017 SEO. The difference is in the content on-page.
Things that no longer help SEO in 2018
  1. Meta Tag Keywords -These were overused and now most search engines ignore them.
  2. Image Alt Tags – This used to be a hidden secret to SEO success now it only helps in 3-4th tier search engines and is not work the time.
Things that are more important in 2018 than before.
  1. Social Shares – Make sure you add share buttons on your post pages and ask for shares. Also, make sure you too are sharing your content on the largest social media sites.
  2. Social Proof – Your subscribers and followers are also viewed by the search engines and matter.
  3. The relevance of backlinks to your site. – It used to be that the more links you had from high authority site the better your results were in SEO. Now it also needs to include relevance. If the referring site does not also have authority then backlinks may ultimately hurt your results.
Now narrowing down this wonderful article for local business you can read my previous article about local SEO. The short idea of it is that you can use long tail keywords that include your local city or area name in your long tail keyword content.
IE: If I wanted this article to rank for “social media marketing company in Virginia Beach” then I would need to make certain that keyword would appear in this very article several times. You can use several auditing plugins or software tools to validate your SEO efforts.
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