Social Media Marketing Tips

by | Feb 2, 2019

Here are some tips for effective social media marketing efforts.

You will find success steps you can take every time you want to create great content to share on social media networks.

No matter what you sell on the Internet today – whether it is eBooks, products you have to mail out for services that you provide yourself – you need to find customers.


That much is certain, but the more creative you are at finding those customers (especially when those methods don’t involve spending any money) the more successful you are likely to be.


And that’s why it is in your best interests to become familiar with social networking sites.  Not to tell people all about what you do in your spare time, or to share the intimate details of your life with, but to use as a method to gain more business.


Yes, there are thousands of customers to be found on these sites.  Despite the fact that they are intended for social purposes, they can be used for business purposes too.  You just need to know how to do it.


And there is no doubt that the people who are doing it already are reaping the rewards.  There are such a high proportion of internet users who are members of at least one social networking site that you are ignoring a huge number of potential customers if you don’t at least try it.  Facebook alone has over a hundred million users as of the middle of 2008, so you can see just how big an opportunity this is.


But I can guarantee that once you HAVE tried marketing to your audience in this way, you won’t want to stop.


This is vital if you are going to get some good results.  Some social networking sites are quite lenient when it comes to members using them for business purposes.  Others are completely against it.

You need to know exactly where you stand with each one before you get started because if you take a laid back approach with a site that doesn’t like it, you won’t get anywhere.

This part is easy though.  All you need to do is read the terms and conditions of each site that you are interested in, to see how promotional you are allowed to be.  The more you know up front, the better you will be able to integrate yourself into each website.

You should also take a look round and see what other people have done.  But be careful with this approach because you may well come across people who have broken the rules and haven’t been discovered yet.  And you certainly don’t want to join them, do you?

When you write your content also add a video version of the content or at least the main points and add it to our page as well.

This can lead the page or be at the bottom of the page.


Before we get into how to make the most of social networking for business purposes, we should cover one important point.

There are a lot of social networking sites online today, and it can be tempting to join them all.  But this can actually harm your chances of marketing successfully through them.

It works far better to join just two or three social networking sites rather than as many as you can.  Just think about the amount of free time you have available each week.  If you focus your efforts on a few sites rather than a lot, you’ll get far better results.

Why?  Simply because the people who start to follow you on the sites you do use will expect you to be reasonably active on there.  And if you are trying to keep up with half a dozen or more sites, you will naturally be spreading yourself a lot thinner.

And that means the effect will be diluted as well.  So make sure you choose the best networks with the most people – and stick with them.  And here we’re talking about the networks that have millions of followers.  You won’t be aiming to connect with all of them, but you’ll soon find that you have a bigger niche audience to aim at – which is good news when it comes to making money.

 Incidentally when you are thinking about the sites that you should be joining,  think about the type and age group of people who are using each site.  You may need to do a bit of research here but it will be worth it.  One site may have a huge audience comprised of college graduates, while another may feature a lot more young professionals.  And if you are aiming at young professionals, then that first site – no matter how many users it has – won’t be the ideal one for you to join.



Please note that these are my personal favorites.  They are well worth considering for different reasons, which I shall reveal as we take a quick look at each one.  So let’s take the guided tour, shall we?



 The biggest social networking site out there today.  And it doesn’t mind you promoting your business either – the right way, which is why it gets on my top three list.


You can actually join by proclaiming that you are a business and opening a business account, but you should be aware that you can’t they have a personal account as well.  The rules regarding this are quite complex, so it’s worth checking out the help section before joining.



If you want big results for less work, then Twitter is the site for you.  Why write a long message to people who are interested in what you have to say when 140 characters will do?

That’s all you get to communicate with on Twitter, but it makes it easy to keep busy on the site.  A minute or two here and there and you will soon have plenty of followers hanging onto your every word.


Some people have even created a series of necessarily short pieces of advice, labeling them ‘1 of 12’ and so on, to create interest.  It works well, too, and simply experimenting with using the 140 character limit to your advantage can create some good results.



Linked in is the Networking Site for business. While not as active as Facebook many thought leaders are on LinkedIn because it is more business focused.

Also when you develop followers and share messages they are more likely to create a business result.

After the rate increases for advertising on Facebook it is still a great value to market and advertise on LinkedIn.


To really make the most of social networking, you need to present yourself as someone down to earth but professional.  So let’s take a look at how you can do that by focusing on a few important points to remember.

 Who are you looking for?

On a very basic level, you’re looking for customers.  But you’re also looking for a certain type of person who is going to become your customer.

We help our customers create an Ideal Customer profile. This helps you craft your message and make certain you are providing value for your visitors and readers.

What you need to do is to find out who that person is.  What do they like?  What are they really interested in?  And so on.  And once you have found out the answers to those questions, you can target your social networking efforts towards that person.

This should be easy to do if you know your product well.  And it also means you won’t get overwhelmed by the volume of people on the social networking site you are targeting – because you will know exactly which ones you are aiming for.

But make no mistake – knowing your audience is the key to using social networking sites successfully when it comes to marketing your products.  If you don’t know who you are aiming at, you won’t attract much attention at all.  At least, not the type you are looking for.

This follows up on choosing the right sites for you in the first place.  Once you have done that, don’t assume that everyone on that site is going to have an interest in you.  It’s just a question of narrowing your focus even more and zoning in on the people you want to reach.  Don’t try and sell to everyone because it won’t work.

Adapt your profile

Don’t make the mistake of going onto one of these sites and setting up your profile just as it would be for YOU.

This really follows on from the last point about knowing who you are looking for.  If you know what will attract their attention, then you will know how to write your profile so it fulfills that purpose.

For example, photographers are naturally going to be interested in the profiles of other photographers.  Writers will naturally gravitate towards other writers.  And people who are trying to make money online will search for others who are trying to do the same.  This applies to every niche subject or market you can think of.

Why?  Because they are trying to find the knowledge they need to succeed.  Or in some cases, knowledge about a subject they like that they don’t yet know about.  And if other people who share their interests are easy to find through their profile, they’ll want to stick with them and see what they have to say, won’t they?

Remember that you’re not on there for social kicks: you’re on there to make contacts and generate interest in your business.  That means you need to create a profile that is different from how you would normally describe yourself.  The only prerequisite here is that it should catch the attention and make people look closer.

But being professional isn’t always going to be the right approach here.  You want to seem casual and approachable, so use the kind of language your preferred audience might use.  For example, if you sell a range of USB gadgets, you could describe yourself as a USB gadget freak.  If you sell eBooks on the subject of saving money, you could refer to yourself as a thrifty money saver.

There are plenty of possibilities here and you should find that you can change the wording you use on your profile page, so don’t be wary of experimenting.

You might feel like a bit of a fraud to begin with, ecause your real passions might be very far away from what you include on your profile.  But you should think of yourself as being two very distinct people – a business person and a normal day to day person.  And it’s the business person that is going to be joining these social networking sites.

There is one other VERY important point to mention here.  When you join a site, make sure your first task is to create that profile and get it up and running.  You don’t want people clicking on your screen name to find out more about you, only to be met with a website address and little else.

If that happens, there is a very good chance they won’t be back.  So make sure you are ready to create a complete profile from scratch as soon as you join.



One key way of making sure you get other people to follow you on these sites is to use the tools they give you to promote your social networking status elsewhere.

For example, Twitter has a range of badges or widgets that you can use elsewhere.  These are ideal for putting on your blog for example, and they even have ones that have been specifically designed to go on  Facebook.

If you use WordPress there are many PlugIns for social sharing from your website as well.

They’re worth using because they enable you to attract more followers from outside the social networking sites.  Once they find you they are more likely to follow you – especially if you make it easy for them by using widgets like these.

But there is another tactic you should use as well if you are going to join more than one site.  Whatever you do, make sure you link them all together.  It seems to be generally assumed that if someone is on one social networking site, they will frequent others as well.  So don’t be shy about promoting your other social networking efforts; in fact, you will find that some sites actually give you space to put your screen names for those in as well.

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