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More traffic means more conversions and more sales. The key is having a partner that know how to get you the best results for your advertising dollars. Video captures attention and can convince better than any other method. You have to have a video that looks and feels professional. That is why we offer spokesperson videos and animated explainer videos with professional narration.

If you are in our service area we can even help you record your own video, photos for your website and much more. One we have the videos ready and you approve them we create ads for social media then test those ads to get the best results. You are provided with a monthly report for your advertising. You will feel and see the results on your website traffic, and in your business before you see the report.

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75% of the video watched is now on devices


Video Content Creation

Your business needs to reach customers and engage them in a meaningful way. We create spokesperson videos, animated explainers, and even local video that is professionally edited for online streaming.

Online content is king. Content helps you get free traffic, and interact with potential customers in a very meaningful way. Now people are on their phones all the time. If you want to get their attention there is nothing like a video.  

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Great video content is very important. Online right now there is no better way to engage your potential customers and get the attention your business needs and deserves.

If you are using other advertising methods now, you have to try video now. Never before in history has there been a better time to run targeted video ads. With social media, you can target your local market and often people that are actively looking for the service or products your business offers.

The targeting gets better once you begin testing and running your ads because the major platforms have mountains of data on their users and that META data can be used to make your ads more effective.

We also test every ad campaign and share the results with you each month with detailed reporting on your video marketing results.

Social Media Management

If you are on social media you need to manage your online posts, interactions with customers, and engage your fans actively online.

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Your company needs to assure it takes full advantage of social media. With social media, you can stay in touch with your customers where they are and help new customers find your business.

If you have a Facebook page for your business we can manage it. If not we can create it for you, including custom graphics and layout and then even monitor and update your page so you do not have to.

Allow us the privilege of helping your business stay in touch online. We will create a custom plan that is ideal for your business.

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Audience Analytics

Now it is easier than ever before to reach the customers you want to. You can target your audience with such specificity for those on the outside it is scary.

With every ad management agreement, we include detailed audience analytics and reporting each month. You will know who is seeing your ads, and the results your advertising is creating.

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Each time a visitor comes to your digital properties, hits are collected and sent to Analytics.

When this happens with ads on platforms like Facebook, and Google you benefit from mountains of data. The data that helps your ads produce better results consistently.

We use testing, again and again, each time your ads run. We start the process with two ads and test each of those ads for results. The ad that creates the best result gets used more often and stays in the rotation until it begins to produce results that are off pace. Then we start again to assure your business ads to get the best result.

Let big data work its magic for your business. Hire us now and let’s get started. Complete the free survey to get started today.

Search Engine Optimization

Does anyone even use the phone book anymore?
I am older but even in my 40’s, I have not used a phone book in years. Your potential customers have not either. When they look for a provider they look for them online.

In order to be found online, you have to work on your websites Search Engine Optimization. SEO will not only help your customers find you, it will also help you get free unpaid traffic to your website, and your brick and morter business as well.

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It takes years of hands-on experience to master the skills necessary for SEO. Then you have to stay on top of the constant changes to how SEO is working on the major search engines.

This takes time effort, and trial and error. Our team stays at the cutting edge of SEO because we are busy working with many websites each month to help them stay on top of the game.

We offer many related services to help your business with SEO.  These include keyword research, content creation, website auditing, link building, and social reputation building.

Copywriting & Strategy

In order for your ads to be effective, you have to have great copy.  The more compelling your content online the better your results will be.

We have a bestselling author or staff and a full-time professional editor as well. Our copywriting team has years of experience that will get you serious results.


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Imagine having the man who wrote the bestselling book on online marketing and copywriting write your advertising for you.

Instead of charging you more for copywriting we include the copywriting needed for your advertising and videos with all of our marketing proposals.

You can then chose if you want more assistance. We can create content for your website, social media, or other marketing needs. Every piece of marketing material we create helps you build your brand, company image, and business.

We work with all of our clients to provide them with the services they need. Nothing that you do not want or need.

Complete the free survey or request a call we will be happy to speak with you about your business needs today.

Workshops & Training

Sometimes companies want to have the videos and ads created then handle running the ads internally. While we do not recommend this strategy for most companies, we understand the desire and can also offer training for your in-house staff.

We can provide on-site training or the more popular online training for your chosen staff.

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Our online training programs offer complete behind the scenes training and development for your staff.

The training videos and workshops are available on your schedule. For onsite workshops, we require a minimum of 6 students. As well as travel expenses.

The online training can be purchased for 1 student or several students. They can access the training materials from any internet connection.  The training is provided via videos with digital PDF supplements for the required materials.

Our trainer is an experienced corporate trainer who has trained thousands of employees also has courses on Udemy, and Grand Cayman University an online education provider.

With our video production and animation experience, your staff gets interactive training that teaches them what they need to know to succeed.

Website Development

From simple websites to more complex websites we offer it all. We also provide the site content, SEO, and website optimization.

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Websites are more than just simple online brochures these days. They are your businesses front line of communication.

These days if you have a business and you are not online it is very difficult for your customers to even find you. The days when people found your business in the local phone book are over. Now it is smartphones, devices, and searches on the computer that enable your customers to find your business.

A great website helps you create the great first impression. Complete the free survey or send us an email to set a time for a call today.



Email Marketing

Email marketing includes two key components. Those are list building and list maintanence. We handle both for our clients, and can offer copywriting to craft your sales messages.

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Email Marketing is still the most cost-effective form of marketing on the planet but only when it is done right.

You have to build a list of clients or customers that want your business email. Once you have that list then you can send out special offers, discounts, sale announcements, reminders and more.

We can run custom ads for you that will help you build a list for your company. On our sample page, you will find three brief animated explainer videos that offer a free report that are examples of simple video ads we have run in the past to help businesses build a custom list.

We even create a custom report for your customer that is emailed when they complete the request for the free report and enter in their email.

This ideally starts your new email contact on a sales funnel of automated contacts, reminders and discounts that we craft to help you close more customers.

As this happens you have access to their email for future marketing use as well. You can even plug your existing customers into your automated email lists to increase sales to your existing customer base.

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