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In 2019 it takes a great deal of knowledge and skill to rank a website. Even simple keywords have so much competition that it can be difficult to get on page one of Google or other major search engines. As a business owner, you want to be there because of the free organic traffic. Free traffic can mean more business for you and the long-term financial success of your company.

I use my own in house process and I will share a little of my method with you here. First I work with my client to determine as much as I can about their businesses ideal customer. What their wants and needs are, and how the companies product or service can meet those needs.

Then I do a deep review of your current website. The report this produces is typically over 20 pages and I create a video walkthrough for the customer as well. This walkthrough is typically a 10-minute overview of the site and the suggested plans for improvement, as well as key elements from the report.

The Ideal Customer Worksheet

This is the worksheet we use with new customers to help us understand their ideal customer and target all of their marketing messages. The worksheet also helps us engage your visitors with dynamic content.

A custom SEO report.

This SEO report gives you a 20+ page review of all of the key elements of SEO. This is the perfect step to start finding what you can do to improve your sites search engine results. This creates organic traffic that increases your business customer base, online engagement, and reach.

Keyword Research

Next after speaking with the client about the report and target goals for the site. I do full keyword research based on the number of target keywords the client wants to pursue.


This starts with long tail keywords, and for businesses that have a local presence and location, Google maps citations. This helps your business rank in the important 3 pack for Google. With the long tail keywords, we work to pick the low hanging fruit to create real results for our clients and traffic faster than the competition. Then we also research our long term keyword goals and start to work on those.

Then the SEO content creation begins I write engaging articles to your target or ideal customer. Addressing their concerns and needs in a positive way. I add graphic, and video to each article. It is important to note that every article is written with readability in mind and most have a target of a 7th-grade reading level.

The purpose of this is to assure that the articles are easy to read. I then comb through each article for keyword focus, and when they are added to your site I assure that interlinking, and offsite linking is done correctly.

These articles which are over 1,000 words often to be effective I ad videos to reduce page bounce and keep your visitor entertained an engaged. These videos are also hosted on YouTube often so that we can get more page views and video views for the business at the same time. Do not worry I can also set up or manage a YouTube Channel for you as well.

Next, we integrate social media accounts to get social signals to your website, and shares of all of your content. This can involve setting up your business pages on the major social sites or sharing those for you through my own channels and social accounts with many thousands of followers already.

The next phase involved backlinks. Not cheap useless, and even possibly damaging backlinks but the real white hat, safe backlinks from major websites with real authority in your niche.

Once everything is set up the process is ongoing and creates short term results, and real long term growth that can be measured not just in traffic but in sales, and the business bottom line.

Look around at other providers as you like.

It makes sense to do your homework. I do not think you will find such a detailed plan or approach explained by anyone on this or any freelance site. I am confident in this because even if they copy my article here, they will not fully understand it when it comes time to speak with you or implement the plan.

If you want real results over time, and to see real headway in your business SEO efforts hire a professional, not the friendly kid down the street. It is wonderful that you want to help him or her, but they could hurt your website performance and ranking. That is not something most businesses can afford to do.

We Know What Works, And What Doesn’t.

Content is King

It has to be done correctly.

Quality Backlinks make a difference.

Low-quality backlinks do not work and may even harm your websites ranking, traffic, and effectiveness.

Answers to Your Questions

What is an SEO expert?

A web professional who has a deep understanding of how search engines work and how to rank your website or other property on those same search engines.

How much do you charge for your services?

After years of experience, we have found the only fair way to price our services is to bill our clients on an hourly basis. So the cost relates to your business goals, budget, and the scope of your project.

How can I get my site to rank on the first page of Google?

Ranking on Google even locally can be a challenge for businesses. If local ranking is your goal through following the process we share on this page will get you there.

How many customers do you serve each week?

As a small business who wants to stay small, we limit our customers and choose carefully who we work with. We typically work with from 8-10 clients at any given time. If we allow staff to work on your site they are always supervised and we never outsource our work.

You deserve only the best for your money and trust in us. 

What makes you the best choice for our SEO efforts?

We get you real results that matter, and we have methods in place that are proven and tested. So many in the SEO industry are stumbling in the dark. They have great sales pitches but poor delivery. We are the best.